Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear Marcus,

So. I'm always thinking of new ways for my boyfriend to propose to me. Don't ask me why, they just pop into my head. And they're REALLY good, too. Like, I should just make a career out of planning proposals, even though that would take everything out of the proposal seeing as how he is supposed to come up with it on his own and what not.
Anyways, I digress. So. I'm always thinking of INCREDIBLE ways for my boyfriend to propose to me (I was waiting for you, but I've accepted you're not coming for me).

OPTION 1: Buy me all the Lemony Snicket books and give them to me one by one. Once I get to the last one include a ring with it.
***This one can't happen. He already bought the boxed set for me. There was no ring.***

OPTION 2: Take me to a Harry Connick Jr. concert (my favorite EVER) and propose during the show/on stage if allowable (which I know for a fact Harry does allow, he said so on Ellen).
***Doubtful this will happen. He does not share my love for Harry.***

OPTION 3: I LOVE JOHN CUSACK. Our favorite "together" movie is Say Anything. So he could set up a John Cusack movie night (nothing out of the ordinary) and watch all our favorite movies and save the best for last. Once it gets to the boom box scene, BAM! pull out a ring.
***Pretty perfect, I think! Except his brothers wedding song was 'In Your Eyes' so I don't know how that would work.***

OPTION 4: And this is where you come in. You have a shirt that says "You. Yes, you." talking about how you like Jessica. Yes, we know this. Anyways so he could get me all the Jessica Darling books and in the book/scene where that whole thing takes place he could tape a ring on a string and hang it in there (bookmark) and circle "You. Yes, You." and then I would open the book up to that page (obviously) and BAM! there it would be.
***I find this one to be pretty perfect. Only problem, he has no idea about that part of the book.***

And, of course, the other problem would be that I thought of these, therefore he wont use them because I thought of them. I don't know why I do that to myself. I don't do it, they just creep up in my head when I'm not thinking about anything. Gosh.

Anyways, so that's how I want to incorporate you into my wedding proposal.... hehehe. I think it would be prefect! Either that or the John Cusack movie night....either way, I dream! And wait.

Thinkingly and Waitingly Yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

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