Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Owen,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I know we haven’t been able to see each other much lately and I greatly apologize about that. I’ve been so busy with school and work and trying to make a career out of writing.

You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. I’ve been thinking about you and tried to get to you last night, but I got busy doing something for school--it’s midterm week, I’m SORRY. Please forgive me. I know you will.

That’s why I love you so much, Owen. You’re such a good person. You’re forgiving and understanding and you’re always there when I need you to be there. You’re a good person, Owen. Don’t ever forget that. I know you don’t need me to tell you, but…I am going to anyways.

How’s Annabelle? Tell her I’m sorry for my absence this past year. And that I’ll try to get to you guys sometime within the next few months.

I’ve been thinking about that radio show, how’s it going? There’s just something about music that is just the exact right medicine for anything in life. I think that’s why we get along so well--our love for music. Music has such a force on life, wouldn’t you agree. I hear a song and I’m automatically back in the spot where I listened to that song or band most. I heard Fall Out Boy the other day and I was back in my junior year of high school hanging out in my beat up van with my friends with the windows rolled down and in my lime green room sitting at my drum set talking about boys and our favorite songs. There’s just something about a song that can be so soothing to the soul. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my headphones on lately and I’m falling back in love with music the way I used to be. And it’s good--I miss it. It’s a reunion LONG over due, kind of like us…

Again, I’m sorry. Talk to you soon. Until then…at least we have our music.

Musically Yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Dear Thomas Builds-The-Fire,

Dude. Keep tellin’ those stories. They are kick a**. You’re a free spirit Thomas, and you have such a gift of story telling. And when no one’s willing to listen to your stories come find me--I will, no matter how many times you’ve told them to me. A good story can never get old. And you my friend tell a good story.

Tell Victor I said hello.

Story Tellingly Yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Dear Barbra,

I’m sorry your cat died. That must have sucked. I loved my cats very much and was really sad when it was time to go. I’ve found books a good alternative to a feline friend. Sure they’re not soft and don’t purr in your arms…but they never leave you, they’re always there for you, and they’re willing to spend time together whenever YOU want and not just when they want a petting.

On another not, I’m afraid to say, but you’re a bit obsessive. You’re obsession of Sheba is just not health, Barbra. You need to learn to let go just a little bit and take a step back. I understand what it’s like to not really have anyone to talk to or spend time with…but you can’t get all crazy obsessive over people…that’s how you loose friends. And you should have learned this from Jennifer, but you didn’t…

Anyways, I just wanted to give you my two sense and condolences about your cat.

NOT Obsessively Yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Dear Dennis,

You’re a unique individual. And I know you’re young, but stay that way. Uniqueness is something you don’t come across everyday. We live in a society where everyone is worried about being just like the person sitting next to them. Girls in school are more concerned about putting their makeup on than listening to what a teacher has to say.

But you have a special gift. You’re yourself. And you’re bold. You’re a free spirit. And I don’t want you to loose that. It’s a rare quality to have in our society, but you’re special that way. I wish more people could be as much of an individual as you--a young boy, more willing to be himself than some fifty year old men.

I wish I could be as much of a free spirit as you are. It takes courage. But, of course you have David to help you keep your uniqueness and spirits up--me, I’m just on my own, but I like to think I’m doing okay, kind of a free spirit. David is good for you. He can encourage you to be your own person, and realize even if and when people say mean things that’s all it is--mean things. It’s not you. It’s them. I’m sure David knows that--I’m glad you found each other. You deserve each other.

Keep on keepin’ on little man. You’re doing great.

Flying Like a Free Bird With You,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Dear Princess Buttercup,

I thought you were really dense when I first met you. But after I heard what you said to Westley when you declared your love to him I learned differently. It takes a pair to put your heart on your sleeve in the way you did, and I’ve got to respect you for that.

On another note. The fact that you continued loving him so much when he’d been gone/dead for so long is admirable. And look--it worked out in your benefit this time. Good things come to those who wait and you really proved that… Westley might be one of the few men out there that are just totally incredibly amazing and you’ve got him wrapped around your little finger. Good for you.

The prince, however, is just the biggest tool in the world--and you almost fell for it! Tisk tisk. You should have known better. Not like you could have done anything about it…it was either be with him or die… To be completely honest if I’d lost my true love I probably would have chose death… But, then again, if you can survive a broken heart of that stature you can survive everything right…? Maybe. But, hey, look at the bright side…you got to wear pretty dresses…which I’m SURE made you feel so much better… That was a joke if you didn’t catch on.

I’m glad you got your Westley back…he was right, nothing can stop true love. And, I’m glad to finally have it proven to me. Thanks for the lesson. ;-)

Truly Lovingly Yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Dear George Emerson,

You are such a MAN. I can’t even explain the utter love I have for you. Every time I get to spend time with you I fall in love with you all over again and even harder than the first time. Your cynicism and sarcasm, and romanticism just…I can’t even explain.

You are like the epitome of perfection. You’re not afraid to stand up for what you want and believe in, no matter the boldness you have to exert. You have such a faith in fate and what is supposed to happen will--and I admire that so much! I believe the same thing too, but I have a hard time being patient enough and waiting for that to come. Or I worry that maybe I’m wrong and fate has a hand in nothing. But--your story, of you and Lucy--clearly proves me wrong. The way you kissed her after Cecil read the passage of that book about your and Lucy’s first kiss…there’s no better way to describe it then just MAN. You’re a total man.

I can’t even explain how you’ve had me weak in the knees just about things you’ve said or done. It’s really not healthy how much I love you. It’s not. I know you fought hard for Lucy and you’re not going to let go of her for some silly girl like me.. But still! I just can’t help but hope and wish. I’m like a bad Taylor Swift song when it comes to you…knowing one day we’ll be together and it will end like a Taylor Swift song. But…life is not a Taylor Swift song, so I will have to put those ambitions behind me. She does make it sound fabulous though.

You have this way of making everything you do seem perfect. And you have this way of making everything silly or unimportant seem totally useless and dumb. I don’t know…you’re probably getting red in the cheeks reading this…but honesty is the best policy and I told I’m really honest. So I just have to get this off my chest. And I know that’s all it is. I don’t expect anything from or out of you. I just needed to get this out before I explode from your manliness.

Utterly Lovingly Yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.