Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Klaus,

I wish I had a memory like yours. I would give anything to be able to remember anything and everything I read in books. I don't know how you do it. What's your trick?--I'm dying to know! I really want that memory.

Jealously yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Mr. Darcy,

I am so looking forward to spending time with you in these coming weeks. I've been hoping to meet you for some time now, and it is finally going to be the time. I can't explain my excitement to you. I hope you impress me as much as you have others. I realize I might be coming off a little weird, but you see, I've been anticipating the day we finally come together for some time now. I've been patiently awaiting the day when you and I are within a reasonable distance to meet and speak. I realize I might be coming off a little forward...I hope that's okay. I'm very excitable and you've got me excited, Mr. Darcy.

Awaitingly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Dear Ruby,

Although our circumstances are totally different and I'm not in the place you are or were, I feel like I can relate to you. I feel like everyone can.--Not really feeling at home anywhere. Feeling at home in the place where it's bad for you. I've felt it before, I know others have. I just wanted you to know that you're not alone. Some things are just too hard to give up, the ingrain themselves in you so much and you just can't give them up. I don't really know what to say to you, although I feel like we had a really strong connection. I just, I've felt what you felt before. Ya know? I've been like that, wishing and wanting so bad to be somewhere else, not liking the place you're at even though it's really good for you, not being happy with the people you're with. Not having anyone to talk to about any of it.--Which reinforces the way you were feeling like woah. So, I know how you feel. Different circumstances and situations, but similar feelings overall. I just thought you should know that. I've been there, too. You're not alone. You've always got one person with you. Me.

With you,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Travis Parker,

You know all your friends call you a playa-playa and everything....you don't settle, you don't commit, all that jazz. I never saw you that way. I always saw you as this sensitive, romantic guy, just waiting for the right girl. I never saw you that way, from the very beginning. I don't know, maybe my "Play-Playa Perceptiveness" is broken or something. It very well could be!--wouldn't be a far stretch...just saying.
BUT. I digress. I guess I just saw the good in your from the beginning or something. I knew you were a good man, I knew you were a respectful man. Maybe it's because you're a vet. That could do with it. I've always had a soft spot for a man who loves animals. Kind of, not really, I have a soft spot for animals...kind of the same. No. Not really. You're right.
Anyways, boy was I right! You were just waiting for her. For Gabby. I knew you were waiting for that perfect girl. And I knew as soon as Gabby moved next door she was the one for you. I just knew. Don't ask how, I just know these things. Just like how I'm really good at figuring out who's singing, even when NO ONE believes that I'm right and I AM. --like always, duh, they need to just get used to it. Digressing again. Maybe where I lack in my "Playa-Playa Perceptiveness" I pick up in my "Perfect for each other meter." It's a definite possibility. It could happen. Because, admit it, Gabby was the perfect one. We all knew it. Heck, you even knew it. Just sain', I called it.

Playa-Playa Perceptively yours,
NicholleLee Robertson

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Nick,

NOTE: This is to Nick from the MOVIE "Nick and Narah's Playlist" NOT the book.

I don't know why you were all hung up on Tris. I mean...to be completely honest, she's kind of a whore. I mean...kinda. You've got to admit. And I'm pretty sure that's NOT why you're attracted to her. So tell me. Why were you so stinkin' attracted to her?! I don't get it. You need someone who appreciates your music. Who appreciates your mix style. Who appreciates your cover art. Someone like Norah. And obviously you end up together, you know this. But, I just don't see the attraction to her in the beginning. Tris I mean. She's just not...She's just not right for you. And I just don't see how it worked to begin with. You must be one of those boys that fall in love quickly. I mean, but all I'm saying is "Tris!? Really?! No way, man!"--that's my take on the whole situation....Just....NO. Bad. I mean...she's not even, like, perfect for you or anything!
But, now you're with Norah and I can sleep at night. You are still with Norah, right?! I certainly hope so. Because I mean, the only excuse not to be with Norah is to be with...like...me. I'm just sayin'. And I'm sure we could arrange something like that....my boyfriend would be kind of mad, but eh, he'll get over it. ;-) hehehe. Probably not. He, too, is one of those boys that falls in love quickly. Good for me I guess. Bad for the prospect of us being together....But, hey, "there aint no mountain high enough."--that's all I'm sayin'. That's all I'm sayin'. :-) My email's nr001@aquinas.edu just in case you want to hit me up on that offer.---just in case. You never know....hehehehe.
But seriously. Me + You = Pretty Epic Mix. ;-)
Okkkay. I'm going to stop being a creeper now. Look forward to hearing from you. Hehehe.

Crepperly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Violet,

I feel like you in some ways. An inventor. You invent actual, useful objects. I invent sentences and stories. We've got that in common. And although I've not been through nearly the things you have, I feel that our inventions bring us together.
It makes me see that everyone can have something in common with another. Even if you come from completely different worlds, as we do. It makes me see that we all can be brought together. It's just up to us to find out what it is that does so.
People always see what a person looks like, and think "Oh, we have nothing in common." And that's not the case. I would never see you, see me, and think we had something in common. But, look, something that is in the core of us. Something that makes who we are, some would say, and we share that. We share that. Isn't it an amazing thing?! It is. It truly is.
It's times like these that I re-learn to sit back and slow down. Don't judge people on the fly. Don't categorize people on the fly. Because we're "often entirely wrong." And we are. We are. It's something we all do. And there's no shame in it. It just, I think, (like right now with me) teaches us to SLOW DOWN and to consciously realize we are doing this and try to adjust it. And you taught me that today. I mean, we've known each other for some time now. But, you learn new things every day.
I mean who would think you and I were alike in any way shape or form? We're both girls. But, like I said. When you get down to it. When you get down to the core of who we each are, we're inventors. That's our passion. I invent via paper and pen. You invent via objects and tinkering with them. But, either way. That is who we are. That defines us. And we share that. We have that passion. It may not be for the exact same thing, but it is of the same form. We invent. We make things. We bring things to life, that were at one point never there until we put them there. And that. That is something.
Even the way we do it is similar...
You tie your hair up when you're inventing. That's how your siblings know what's going on. I tie my hair up when I write. I always tell people, "You can tell if I'm writing/thinking if my hair is up." And it's true. I write a paper--hair goes up. I write a note on facebook--hair goes up. I write on here--hair goes up. And usually headphones go in...but that's another thing. Maybe it's all people that invent? Ladies at least. Hair goes up. It really does just get in the way. And I put it up so it wont distract me and I wont start twirling it. Same for you?
I look forward to the time, I think, we will be spending with each other in the coming months. If my boyfriend goes on the path I'm pretty positive he is going to go on. ...I know him well...so I'm probably right. I hope. And I think it will just allow us to find other things within ourselves that we have in common, and some things in ourselves we didn't even know we had. And I'm glad we have the opportunity to do that. Because some people never give themselves that opportunity. Never to see commonalities with a stranger, almost. Or even learn about themselves through someone else. And, I thank you for that opportunity.

Inventingly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Anja,

You've got yourself a good man. Just from the little little bit of your story I've heard thus far, he sacrificed a lot for you. You should be proud to have had a man so loving. Of course, I've not finished your story yet, so things could change....but it seems like you've got a good man. Congratulations. They're not always easy to find....I'm told.

Happily yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Dear Anna,

I also have a sister, a twin. And as much as I love her and would do ANYTHIN for her, I must admit that if I was FORCED to do the things you were forced to do I would not be happy either. I wouldn't take it to the extent you did, but obviously you had to get your attention some how. I would, however, do that on my own. If I was given the option I would do it. But, and you understand, no one wants to do something when they're forced to do it. It makes it much more suckier than anything. I mean, I love my sister. I do. A lot. But being forced to do all those things. No. That has to be something you do because you WANT to do it.

understandingly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Rocky,

I felt so bad for you when your husband died. I really loved your story because I can relate to loss, and I was in school for psychology, so it was really cool to read. I just, even though I couldn't totally relate to your story, it was so inspiring to read. Thank you for sharing your journey with me.

NicholleLee Robertson.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear Burt,

You remind me SO much of my boyfriend. It is not even funny! I can't even explain. He is going to be just like you when he's your age. It's not even funny. He'll probably even fall off the ledge at that restaurant. You are too funny! What a hoot. I can't even stand it! You guys are so much alike, I can't even explain. Erg. I wish I could explain. I just can't get over it!

Boyfriendingly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.