Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear Marcus,

Halloween is tomorrow. I kind of want to wear a shirt that says "Me, yes, Me" and then marry the boy who has a shirt that says "You, yes, You" but I don't think I would find anyone....I wish I thought of that earlier!!!! I so would have done it. Man! Now I'm kicking myself for it. Oh well, the only thing important here is that I LOVE YOU SO STINKIN MUCH. Just so you know.

Lovingly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Linda Hogan and John Grogan,

First of all I love saying your names together because they rhyme.
Secondly, I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to hear you speak today about your writing. It was very fun. And thank you for signing my books! I love when that gets to happen. I love your writing (both of you) so keep up the good work and I'm going to keep reading it.

Lovingly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Sanderson sisters,

You guys are a hoot! So silly. You should NOT try and kill little children. How rude! You've been dead for 300 years, so I understand if you're not up on what is and is not acceptable these days. But, killing little children (or anyone for that matter) is not really acceptable anymore. I just thought you should know. And how could you turn Thackery into a cat? He is SO cute! Rude. Again! Take manner classes. Or do they not offer those in Hell, where your "master" is??? Hehehe. Anyways. I just think you're plain old rudie mcRude Rudes.

Rudily yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Tyler,

I must say. I am probably one of the biggest readers you will ever meet. But, I'm picky about what I read. has to be a love story. And I hate saying that....but it's true. I'm getting better as I get older, but I'm a romantic and that comes out in what I read, or that's why I'm a romantic because of what I read.... either way. Anyways, I digress. I read your story which was cool because it wasn't a love story. It was however a baseball story which is another one of my loves. Anyways! I loved your story, because it was something I knew, but it was so much for a YA book. It was more than a good baseball story, it was dealing with life, and overcoming crap, and growing up. And I loved it. I think I appreciate it more now that I'm older and not 10 years old, but it was so good. It taught me so much and I just thank you for sharing your story with everyone. And I thank you for sharing your story with me.

Thankfully yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Razzle,

I just wanted you to know that I wanted to be JUST like you when I was young. You're so couragous, and out there, and you never cared what anyone thought of you. That was every girls dream at 11, I forget about everyone else, and not care what they thought. You were so sure of yourself, you knew who you were. You were everything I wanted to be, I just wasn't old enough to figure out who exactly that was yet. I revisited you and revisited you time and time again. And I think maybe, in a little way you did have a hand in how I turned out. And I did turn out like you....a little bit. I don't care what people think of me. I don't do "traditional" things, I do what I want and not what people want or expect of me. That's not to say I don't do what people want or what's "expected" of me...usually those are the same things. I'm not as outspoken as you...but I am when I write. Kind of. Now if only I had a shaved boyfriend would LOVE that. Sorry, I just can't do it! Me+Shaved Head= Not Happening. Ever. Sorry Mitchell.... I just wanted to thank you for being such a good role model for me growing up. So. Thank you!

Not as outspokenly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear Poetry,

We used to be such good friends!!! What happened?! We got together all the time, I loved to read you. And then one day I just stopped understanding you, and I didn't get you. Then I had to read 'Rounding the Human Corners' for school....and I like you much better now. Just thought you should know we're on better terms now. That's all!

Friendly-ly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Agent Gibbs,

Will you marry me? No?! Well....maybe we can just spend some time together. You're the BEST!!! I love you. Plus, you're really handsome. You are such a BA. I wish I could just be a fly on your jacket and experience half the stuff you experience each day. I just wish one day, one case I could be an agent and work with you, and Tony, and McGee, and Ziva, and Abby, and Ducky. I love you guys. You are so cool! I look forward to all the times I get to spend time with you! And I love when we can spend hours a day together. It really is the best ever. I keep saying best. Sorry. I just don't know what else to say to you....

NicholleLee Robertson.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Lars,

I hope you know how loved you are! It's amazing to me how much people love you. Willing to do anything for you. You're lucky to have them in your life. There are so many people that wish just one person would love them the way your entire town would. It's amazing the support you have. I've never seen a support system of that stature before, unless it was someone famous or someone running for president of course. It's so cool to watch. Your time with Bianca moved me. You moved me. You're such a good person. Your heart is in a place people dream of having theirs. You're so satisfied, and happy. Keep your family close. It's not often you get one like that!

Familialy yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Tita,

I enjoyed your story a lot. It was really fun to read, and I loved all your recipes. I can not wait to make them all. I want to go through and make them month to month, just like you did. Maybe I can blog about my experience (hehe). No, but seriously. Although your recipes are kind of crazy and whacked out, I still want to try them.....Can't wait. I wonder if I'll have some of the same experiences as you.... Hopefully my sister wont get carried away on a horse.....but.....lets not go there. I really enjoyed spending time with you, though! And I hope we meet some time soon. I wish I could give you more of an idea how much I enjoyed our time together, but I can't really think right now.... Sorry.

Cookingly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Mrs. Ramsey,

First off, I would like to say that I think you are a fine woman.
Now that that's out of the way. Are you an artist? I often hear that people see you as a sort of artist with the fancy dinner parties you plan, and your way of placing people at the table, and finding the exact right meal to feed a group of people. They compare you to Lily Briscoe, who you know, actually is an artist. And, I'm not going to lie Mrs. Ramsey, I don't see it. I don't see how you are an artist. I mean it does take a certain "talent" to plan the perfect dinner party, artist? An artist like Lily? Her talent is so much different than yours, I mean she's a painter, she creates this vivid thing that people can look at and touch and comprehend. And, yes, people can see your creations and touch and even eat it. But, it's so different with the two of you. I mean, does deciding where people sit and deciding what food for your cook to make count as art? Does it really even count as talent? I don't really know. And that's what I'm having trouble with. I'm sitting here trying to write and convince people that you are a true artist, when I don't even know if I believe it myself. Honestly, I don't really believe it...

Creating art... I think of a painting, a drawing, a sculpture. Not a dinner party. I mean I don't really even consider music as much of an art as I do the above. It is art, don't get me wrong, it really is, one of my favorite kinds. But.... I don't see it the same way as a painting or drawing. So, to consider a dinner party art is such a stretch for me.... especially compared to Lily. What do you think? Are your dinner parties art? Are they? Or is that a stretch of the word?
I don't know. says art is "the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance," if this is what art is than I don't think what you do is art. Sorry.

But is this the true meaning of art? I guess art is so interpretive and so personal and different to everyone it's hard to judge whether what you do is art or not.
I mean to me the song is not art the guitar and drums and piano are all arts separately, but seeing the song as art, I don't. No. I mean I do, but if heard an incredible guitar solo or drum or piano solo, I would view those as a more art and the song lesser. And maybe that's wrong of me...maybe my perception of art is off...but...

And to some people writing is art. And although I believe this (I would hope I would being an english major and all..) I don't see it as an art like a painting. Am I wrong? I don't think I can be. Because isn't the point of art to be that everyone interprets it differently...? Yes.
So...back to my original question: Are you an artist? In my eyes, no. What you create is not interpreted in the same way as a painting/drawing/piece of writing/guitar solo. It's just not the same. Plain and simple. It's...not something that can be viewed differently in different minds. It's not something that can be interpreted or personal in the way the above are.
Do I think what you do takes talent? Yes. I do. Pleasing everyone, and putting the right food on the table at the perfect time, it takes talent. Now, if a wedding planner were to read this they would probably disagree with me. But, for now....I don't think so... Maybe someone can convince me other wise.

Artistically yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear Kathrine and Michael,

Your relationship with Micheal reminds me a lot of my relationship with my boyfriend. Of course, we're out of high school now and in college, so it's not like that anymore. But, I know where you are coming from. Loving someone so much it almost hurts, wanting to be with them every second of every day, being confused.... I understand it all. More than you know. And loving him and being attracted to someone else....that's okay. It doesn't mean you love him any less, I don't think. But, I also think you did the right thing by telling him. I'm sorry things didn't work out. That happens....maybe in the future? Maybe you're just not meant to be forever's a possibility. I wish you could be together though. I really do. It gives those of us in the same situation hope.

You are an impatient boy. 1) You should NOT be so pushy. 2) You should NOT be so quick to judge. Kathrine had a lot of emotions running through her mind. And take it from someone who has been in her (and your) position. It's confusing. I know. But, you didn't even hear her out. Rude. That's all I'm sayin'. Rude. You guys could have worked things could have. Trust me. I did... Crap happens. Some times you get curious as to other people. And I'll tell you the same thing I told Kathrine, it doesn't mean the love is any less. It's just learning, experiencing new/different things... that's all. I hope you can work it out. Or at least be happy with one another. It is not fun to loose someone of that much importance. I just hope one day you can be happy with your decision and happy with her at the same time.... I wish you could be together forever, though... It gives me hope.

Wishingly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear Romeo,

You are kind of dramatic. And you fall in love too quickly. But....don't worry, I do too.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear Mr. Lemony Snicket

You. Are. Fantastic. I'm sorry I haven't written to you sooner. You don't care. I know. But, you should just know how much I FREAKIN' LOVE YOU. Your writing is fantastic. The way you throw your words on the page the way you do makes me all warm an fuzzy inside. They way you talk and the vocabulary you use makes me want to die from excitement. And, I know you're probably really confused now and going to burn my letter, if you're even still reading. But, I'm not offended Mr. Snicket, because that is how you are. You are just so fantastically amazing. And you're probably laughing at me and rolling around on the floor right now. But, like I said....I just need to tell you. Arg. You're so cool!

Fantastically yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Wes,

I know I just wrote to you, but I went to art prize in Grand Rapids, MI today and it made me think of you and your sculptures. That I LOVE. I want one. In the form of a necklace probably. I just thought I would let you know I'm thinking of ya.

Waiting on that sculpture from you,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Mr. Wing Biddlebaum,

I am so sorry that happened to you. Kids have no respect for the elderly. I don't know how you encouragingly rubbed kids shoulders, but I believe you. I don't think it was in any promiscuous ways, or any way of pleasure. I think it was just in encouragement. I'm so sorry you got run out of town. It is not fair that happened to you. I can't even imagine how scared you were. And I just want you to know that I'm on your side. I really like you Mr. Biddlebaum, I think you are such an interesting man and I wish I could just talk to you forever. No, I'm sorry, I wish I could listen to you talk forever. You seem like such a man of integrity and how people could accuse you of such things I have no idea. I'm sorry. And know, you always have a friend in me.

NicholleLee Robertson.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Lani Garver,

You inspire me so much.
I never have felt emotion the way I did when I was with you. You taught me SO much, and I am forever forever grateful. You taught me not to judge people. And although I do and everyone does (if they say they don't they're lying) you make me try harder not to, you make me think about that person and who they really might be. You taught me that everyone is different, sometimes it's good to be out-of-the-box, not everything is as it seems, and to just love.
You changed my life. You honestly changed my life.
I talk about you often, actually. I can't not tell people about you, because you are the most amazing person I've ever encountered. You really are a guardian angel. To more people than you know.
You put me in awe. You make me want to be a better person. You make me a better person. You affected my life at such a young age, and I really think you played a role in making me who I am. I honestly mean that. You're such a savior. You put me in touch with emotions I didn't even know I had. You actually made me cry...I don't cry. Like ever. You made me realize that people are not what they seem, good and bad. People that look bad can be good, and people that look good can actually be bad. I learned how to be ME when I was with you. You taught me that I can be whatever I want, and even though I stray from trying to be who I want me to be, that it's okay to be who I want to be. That no one can ever take that away from me. No one.
You altered my perception on life, love, society, and humanity. You impacted my life so much. And to think we were only together for about a week....never since. That is really stinky actually. I'm sorry. I know I'm forgiven.
I can't even begin to express how much you've impacted my life, and I am so sorry I can not do it to the best of my ability. You deserve so much more than I am capable of writing down. Just know that you are my hero. You hold such a dear place in my heart. And I hope that shows you how much you mean to me. Does it? Can you tell? I really hope so, because you deserve so much more than I can give you.
You deserve the best. And I can't give you that. But I'm just human. Are you?
Are you Lani? Or are you an angel? Maybe a little of both. I like to think that. Gives humanity a little hope. How does that make you feel? That your existence makes me hope in our future? We can use all the hope we can get.
You will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life. I'll always think of you. Especially when I think of those who altered my life beyond what they can believe. And you are one of them, my friend.

Hopefully yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Since it's book month....

Here are my top ten favorite books (not in any order):
If you haven't read them I suggest it. Some of them might just change your life. *Cough. What Happened to Lani Garver. Cough*

JUST LISTEN, Sarah Dessen
TWILIGHT SERIES, Stephenie Meyer
A WALK TO REMEMBER, Nicholas Sparks


THIRSTY, M.T. Anderson

THIS LULLABY, Sarah Dessen

THE GREAT GATSBY, F. Scott Fitzgerald

THE GIVER, Lois Lowry

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dear Elizabeth Hall

You're a total baby. I am....usually I would say sorry at this point for saying something rude, but I'm REALLY not sorry. I'm not. You are having such a cool experience. And yeah, you died but your life obviously IS NOT OVER. You're still living, you're just in a different place with COOL people. You are getting an experience that some people will never get. You get a chance to start over, make new friends, see loved ones you lost, I mean..... I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if I got the chance to see my family I've lost. I understand it must really suck to die. But why obsess over it? Why is it so horrible? Maybe I just don't fully understand because I have not died, but you have it better than a lot of people have in a life time. Your whining just really aggravated me. Your selfishness REALLY aggravated me. I don't know how one person could be so selfish! Please, explain it to me.... GOD. I can't even talk to you right now. I'm already angry and just thinking of you is pissing me off.
Your story is cool. I love your story. YOU just bother me. I liked reading about your friends/acquaintances in heaven. But, YOU BOTHER ME SO MUCH!!!!!

NicholleLee Robertson.