Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Wieland,

I'm not very far into your story yet. But, I just heard that you heard voices. You thought you heard/saw your wife.
I just want to say, that happens to me often as well. I am always thinking I see or smell my boyfriend. Then I kind of freak out. Then I remember that he's in Howell and I'm in class at school, in Grand Rapids and there is no way he is here. Especially in one of my English classes.
There was this one time when I thought I saw him outside of my classroom and I double looked, then I "went to the bathroom" to see if it was him surprise visiting me. It was not. It was just some boy who was trying to be cool, but was not pulling it off. At all.
And sometimes, I think I hear him in the halls talking to people while I'm walking by. But it's not.
So, I'm just saying, at this moment, I don't find you so strange. Because, it happens to me all the time. We're just freaks I guess.
But, with me, at least there's someone there who I'm mistaking with. I think I'm just so anxious to see him all the time that I try to find little bits of him in everyone else. What's your excuse? The same?--It might give you some brownie points with the wife... ;-)

Freakishly Seeing People-ly Yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

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