Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Landon Carter,

I knew you were a softie. I could just tell. It always takes that one girl to soften a BA up, and I knew you were one of those guys. The guy that just needs the right girl to put him in his place.
That being said, I'm so glad you were one of those guys! It makes your love that much more...pure. It makes it that much more special. Knowing that here's this tough guy who doesn't take anyones crap and his weakness, the one thing that makes him nice, and caring, and change is a lady. And with you it was not just any lady. It was the school dork. Everyone made fun of her, YOU made fun of her, but you also fell in love with her. That really does show a lot about your character. The fact that you're willing to openly admit you made a mistake, you shouldn't have acted the way you did, that takes a lot. And that's something only a real man can do. Ya know, my uncle once said "A real man has tools," well a real man can also admit his mistakes. Yeah, it may have took you a while, but it took her a while too to admit she loved you, to admit she couldn't be scared to be with you.
And I know her dying was really sad and everything, but I think that made you more of a man, too. The fact that you sit and read to her father long after she's That was something else. Good for you. I knew you were a good guy, I could just tell. You're all the same...Like I said, just need that one lady friend to make all the difference in the world. And I'm so happy you let love in. Hehehe, get it, let love in. Isn't that from a song? I'm so happy you let her into your life, because that did more than you could have ever imagined, for both of you. She had a chance to love and be loved before she died, and you, you had the chance to change and to grow and to love someone unconditionally. And I think when someones heart breaks it grows back bigger the next time around, so your heart grew, too! Which can't be a bad thing! So, go you! I really admire all the strength you have. I bet you don't even realize it as strength, but it is. So, I guess, keep on keepin' on.

Admirably yours,
NicholleLee Robertson

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