Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Violet,

I feel like you in some ways. An inventor. You invent actual, useful objects. I invent sentences and stories. We've got that in common. And although I've not been through nearly the things you have, I feel that our inventions bring us together.
It makes me see that everyone can have something in common with another. Even if you come from completely different worlds, as we do. It makes me see that we all can be brought together. It's just up to us to find out what it is that does so.
People always see what a person looks like, and think "Oh, we have nothing in common." And that's not the case. I would never see you, see me, and think we had something in common. But, look, something that is in the core of us. Something that makes who we are, some would say, and we share that. We share that. Isn't it an amazing thing?! It is. It truly is.
It's times like these that I re-learn to sit back and slow down. Don't judge people on the fly. Don't categorize people on the fly. Because we're "often entirely wrong." And we are. We are. It's something we all do. And there's no shame in it. It just, I think, (like right now with me) teaches us to SLOW DOWN and to consciously realize we are doing this and try to adjust it. And you taught me that today. I mean, we've known each other for some time now. But, you learn new things every day.
I mean who would think you and I were alike in any way shape or form? We're both girls. But, like I said. When you get down to it. When you get down to the core of who we each are, we're inventors. That's our passion. I invent via paper and pen. You invent via objects and tinkering with them. But, either way. That is who we are. That defines us. And we share that. We have that passion. It may not be for the exact same thing, but it is of the same form. We invent. We make things. We bring things to life, that were at one point never there until we put them there. And that. That is something.
Even the way we do it is similar...
You tie your hair up when you're inventing. That's how your siblings know what's going on. I tie my hair up when I write. I always tell people, "You can tell if I'm writing/thinking if my hair is up." And it's true. I write a paper--hair goes up. I write a note on facebook--hair goes up. I write on here--hair goes up. And usually headphones go in...but that's another thing. Maybe it's all people that invent? Ladies at least. Hair goes up. It really does just get in the way. And I put it up so it wont distract me and I wont start twirling it. Same for you?
I look forward to the time, I think, we will be spending with each other in the coming months. If my boyfriend goes on the path I'm pretty positive he is going to go on. ...I know him well...so I'm probably right. I hope. And I think it will just allow us to find other things within ourselves that we have in common, and some things in ourselves we didn't even know we had. And I'm glad we have the opportunity to do that. Because some people never give themselves that opportunity. Never to see commonalities with a stranger, almost. Or even learn about themselves through someone else. And, I thank you for that opportunity.

Inventingly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

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