Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Nick,

NOTE: This is to Nick from the MOVIE "Nick and Narah's Playlist" NOT the book.

I don't know why you were all hung up on Tris. I be completely honest, she's kind of a whore. I mean...kinda. You've got to admit. And I'm pretty sure that's NOT why you're attracted to her. So tell me. Why were you so stinkin' attracted to her?! I don't get it. You need someone who appreciates your music. Who appreciates your mix style. Who appreciates your cover art. Someone like Norah. And obviously you end up together, you know this. But, I just don't see the attraction to her in the beginning. Tris I mean. She's just not...She's just not right for you. And I just don't see how it worked to begin with. You must be one of those boys that fall in love quickly. I mean, but all I'm saying is "Tris!? Really?! No way, man!"--that's my take on the whole situation....Just....NO. Bad. I mean...she's not even, like, perfect for you or anything!
But, now you're with Norah and I can sleep at night. You are still with Norah, right?! I certainly hope so. Because I mean, the only excuse not to be with Norah is to be I'm just sayin'. And I'm sure we could arrange something like boyfriend would be kind of mad, but eh, he'll get over it. ;-) hehehe. Probably not. He, too, is one of those boys that falls in love quickly. Good for me I guess. Bad for the prospect of us being together....But, hey, "there aint no mountain high enough."--that's all I'm sayin'. That's all I'm sayin'. :-) My email's just in case you want to hit me up on that offer.---just in case. You never know....hehehehe.
But seriously. Me + You = Pretty Epic Mix. ;-)
Okkkay. I'm going to stop being a creeper now. Look forward to hearing from you. Hehehe.

Crepperly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson

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