Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Travis Parker,

You know all your friends call you a playa-playa and don't settle, you don't commit, all that jazz. I never saw you that way. I always saw you as this sensitive, romantic guy, just waiting for the right girl. I never saw you that way, from the very beginning. I don't know, maybe my "Play-Playa Perceptiveness" is broken or something. It very well could be!--wouldn't be a far stretch...just saying.
BUT. I digress. I guess I just saw the good in your from the beginning or something. I knew you were a good man, I knew you were a respectful man. Maybe it's because you're a vet. That could do with it. I've always had a soft spot for a man who loves animals. Kind of, not really, I have a soft spot for animals...kind of the same. No. Not really. You're right.
Anyways, boy was I right! You were just waiting for her. For Gabby. I knew you were waiting for that perfect girl. And I knew as soon as Gabby moved next door she was the one for you. I just knew. Don't ask how, I just know these things. Just like how I'm really good at figuring out who's singing, even when NO ONE believes that I'm right and I AM. --like always, duh, they need to just get used to it. Digressing again. Maybe where I lack in my "Playa-Playa Perceptiveness" I pick up in my "Perfect for each other meter." It's a definite possibility. It could happen. Because, admit it, Gabby was the perfect one. We all knew it. Heck, you even knew it. Just sain', I called it.

Playa-Playa Perceptively yours,
NicholleLee Robertson

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