Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Edward Cullen,

I am so over you! I'm sorry, but you're too liked now and it bothers me. I used to go to you when I was feeling sad and you would cheer me up. But now, it's like you're cheating on me! With all those other girls!!!! Arg. It used to be just you and me and those days were so nice. Of course I will always love you, we've gotten really bonded over these past 4 years (gosh, has it really been that long since we were introduced?!?!). I thought you were so perfect and I couldn't imagine how someone could be so perfect. But now, I realize you're....not. You know what to say when I'm feeling down, and I would have rather spent my time with you than anyone else I know (real or not), and you always had this way of making me think things could get better, and we were really meant for each other. But, we're not. You're too perfect and I get too jealous. There are so many other girls!!!! I miss it when it was just you and me and people made so much fun of us. I really do! But I'm not who I was and you, you're like this prodigy boy and people worship you. And I can't handle that. I'm sure you wont miss me much with all those other girls and all, but I will miss you. And I will think about our times together and always remember them. I'm not leaving you totally, but until these crazy, obsessed, giggling girls get over you I have to put you on the back burner. It's not you, it's me. Well, it's kind of you, but.... I'm sorry. I just can't handle walking around and seeing pieces of you EVERYWHERE, it's driving me nuts. So I think a little break between us would be best. Please try and understand. I really do love you very much. But, right now your loyalty is not towards me, we're in different places. Really, it is for the best!

Until next time,
NicholleLee Robertson

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