Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Mr. Robert West,

I think you are a terrible father. And a terrrrrible husband. I'm just saying. You don't spend any time with your daughter, you don't help your wife with your newborn baby. Do you even care about your family? Do you care your daughter traveled all that way to spend the summer with you? Do you care you just had a newborn child??? You don't do anything. You ignore your daughter, you act like your wife is some sort of bimbo, and you don't even seem to notice the little being YOU created. And although I understand you're working on your book and that takes time, you should have enough time in your day to spend some of it with your family. Authors do it all the time. And you're really not even that've been writing this book for how long now??? I'm just sayin'. Spend some time with your family, get a clue. You're going to end up regretting it. Why do you think your first marriage failed???? Maybe you'll get it when your second one fails too. You suck. I don't like you.

NicholleLee Robertson.

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