Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Mr. Walter Fane,

NOTE: This letter is being written to the 2006 movie version of Walter. Not the book Walter and not the 1934 movie version Walter. I know there is a little difference in the way they are portrayed, so just clearing that up.


I know you're kind of a jerk to Kitty and everything, but I can't help but not be mad at you. I mean you take her to a place where ultimately she has very low chances of survival, you don't talk to her at all, you don't even look at her, and you just are pretty mean to her. For one mistake! But for some reason I still like you more than I like Kitty, more than I like most mean men. I mean, I'm on your side, not Kitty's. And I think it's just because I honestly feel bad for you. I can see how much you love Kitty and to not have her love you back must be so difficult! Just the way you look at her, your eyes say everything you wont say. And when you're not talking to her, and taking her to China, and wont look at her your eyes just show hurt. And I think that's why I respect you, and that's why I feel bad for you. Because it's apparent on how much she hurt you, obviously really but you never really give up on her. I mean yeah you treat her like crap, but I know you had a good reason to. You can't help but act the way you do, she cheated on you! Even though you shouldn't be so mean to poor Kitty. I mean, come on, everyone makes mistakes! Even you. But you guys fall in love again (or for the first time) and it all works out well, besides for you die. But! Your love is/was there and that's all that really matters, right?!

I just can not help but to love you. So congratulations for finally getting her to realize that you were meant to be together. And congratulations on having a child even though you didn't get to meet him (he's cute). And congratulations on just being you. You're perfect in your way. And I love it.

Understandably and Respectably yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.


  1. I confess I have not read the book. I just recently saw the movie(newest version) Im wondering if in the book they let you know the child was his? In the movie they kind of lead you to believe it was the man she had the affair with??? Any thoughts?

    cool blog btw:)

  2. OH! See, I was always under the impression that it was Walter's son. Um, the book is different from the movie. I've not actually finished the book, but I read ahead and it does not give us any indication on who's child it is, in fact it ends before the child is even born.

  3. Love the style and content of this blog. Keep up the good work.