Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear Kathrine and Michael,

Your relationship with Micheal reminds me a lot of my relationship with my boyfriend. Of course, we're out of high school now and in college, so it's not like that anymore. But, I know where you are coming from. Loving someone so much it almost hurts, wanting to be with them every second of every day, being confused.... I understand it all. More than you know. And loving him and being attracted to someone else....that's okay. It doesn't mean you love him any less, I don't think. But, I also think you did the right thing by telling him. I'm sorry things didn't work out. That happens....maybe in the future? Maybe you're just not meant to be forever's a possibility. I wish you could be together though. I really do. It gives those of us in the same situation hope.

You are an impatient boy. 1) You should NOT be so pushy. 2) You should NOT be so quick to judge. Kathrine had a lot of emotions running through her mind. And take it from someone who has been in her (and your) position. It's confusing. I know. But, you didn't even hear her out. Rude. That's all I'm sayin'. Rude. You guys could have worked things could have. Trust me. I did... Crap happens. Some times you get curious as to other people. And I'll tell you the same thing I told Kathrine, it doesn't mean the love is any less. It's just learning, experiencing new/different things... that's all. I hope you can work it out. Or at least be happy with one another. It is not fun to loose someone of that much importance. I just hope one day you can be happy with your decision and happy with her at the same time.... I wish you could be together forever, though... It gives me hope.

Wishingly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

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