Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Sherman Alexie,

I know I JUST wrote to you, but I MUST express my utter love for you!!!!!
I LOVED your talk tonight at Grand Valley. It was fantastic. I was listening to you and I felt like you were 1) speaking to me directly, and 2) I felt like we were the same person. The way you talked about your love for books, and your hate for the "shuffle" button on the iPod, and just the way you live your life... I feel like we should really be friends. I was honored to hear you speak tonight and I can not wait for the next time you come to Grand Rapids or the MI area.
I just....I can't express the way I felt after your talk. You were vulgar, and, and funny, and totally sincere. I want (maybe with less vulgarity)...I think more people should be like you. Like me. I mean I have Emily who essentially is me, and it's fun being in our own little world and everything where no one really understands us. But, after hearing you today, it would be nice if there were more like us. And you give me hope that there are people like us out there. Because you're one of them. And how cool is that?! Mr. Sherman Alexie is kinda, sorta like me. I think it's cool.

Utterly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

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