Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Dexter,

That day when you waited outside her soon-to-be step dad's office just so you could talk to Remy, that took balls. Do you remember that? Of course you do, it changed your life. It's always the little things that change your life. I just wanted to say, good for you. I'm glad you pushed her so much, and I'm glad you never gave up on her. She needed someone like you to come into her life and show her how fantastic things could really be. That she doesn't need to push away from everyone and everything, that it's OK to hold on to something. She needed someone to break down her walls and you were the perfect person to do it. Your patience, and kindness, and just little kid goofiness, I think, is just what the doctor ordered for her. And look now, you're still together and it's been years. There's always that one person you know you should be with and for you it was Remy, but for Remy, she didn't really know. Well, I think, now she knows. Obviously. But, if you wouldn't have wiggled your way into her life, you guys may have never gotten together, and you both would have missed the chance of a lifetime. You both would have missed out on the one person you're meant to be with. So, really even if you don't realize it (which I'm sure you do)that day when you waited for her changed your life forever. How does that feel? Does it scare you to think, "what if I didn't wait, or pry, or annoy her?" Does it. I just wonder. I wish I could talk to you know and hear how things are going between you two.... How's the band? Still playing the Potato Song? I sure did love that song. I really enjoyed the summer we spent together, and I really enjoyed watching your and Remy's relationship come to life. It was an honor to be a part of that. So, thank you. Have a good life. Hopefully with Remy.

Thankfully yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

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