Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Simon,

Even though you're crazy, you stole a child, and you're totally obsessed, I can't be mad at you. And it's crazy. I mean, you STOLE a child. But, I think it's you're undying love that saves you. To love someone so much it hurts.....to love someone so much you loose your whole life over it....to love someone so much you steal their child(?).... I don't understand that last part, but....
I mean, you really love(d) this girl. And I don't want to say loveD because you still do, but I just can't believe the pain inside you because of a lady. I guess I have never had the pleasure of loving someone so, incredibly much that you would do absolutely anything (not even short of stealing their child) to just get their attention. And someone who once loved you and told you they did not anymore. It's insane. It's just....I can't even fathom loving someone so much. And I feel bad for you, and I feel sorry that she doesn't love you anymore. I wish you could still have her, because I really feel like you're a good good person. I feel like you're just so stuck on this women. And that's bringing out the worst in you, the pain in you.
And to be completely honest I don't understand what is so spectacular about her.... obviously you do. And, I think that's what's so interesting about you. You love this plainly ordinary girl, but you love her so much.
I just wish I could love someone like that. Or to be loved like that, even for a split second. God, I can't even imagine. I mean I love my boyfriend, but to loose everything because he didn't want to be with me...to steal a child of his (if he were to have one), to need therapy to get over him after years of being separated, to not be able to get out of bed or go to work or have the energy to even grocery shop... I can't imagine that ever happening. And maybe that means you're a better person, a better lover than I. Or maybe it just means....I don't know. But, I could never imagine one person having that affect on another.
And maybe that's why I admire you so much. Because you're willing to love someone that much, because you weren't afraid to take that chance on someone. You were not afraid to get hurt, and you did. You totally did. So much. And it's crazy how much you got hurt. But, I think you'll become a better man out of loving her. I think you'll become a better human being for loving her. And I truly believe she came into your life for a reason and there is some reason for you to have to go through all this pain. Because if you think about it, going through that pain, having all those emotions, they have to have happened for a reason. They have to have some effect on you in the long run when you're over her. Or will you never be over her? I don't know. But, that takes some commitment to love someone so much for so long. So, I guess kudos for that.
But, really. You should not steal peoples children. They take that pretty seriously now a'days. Just in case you didn't know. Piece of advice. ;-) But, seriously. Don't do that.

Impressidly yours,
NicholleLee Robertson.

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